Sometimes life can be to much to cope with. Counselling can help you through these times...

 I am a London based psychotherapist and counsellor. I offer a supportive, non judgement, confidential and caring space in which, I help my clients with the problems and issues they are facing.

I work with people to help them find a path which brings them a greater peace and contentment to their lives.  Whatever the issue, therapy gives you a space to explore where you are in your life, how your got there and how you can move forward. 

Many people seek help for a wide range of problems. So don't feel like you are alone. Counselling and psychotherapy  is there to help you find a way to a happier existence. 

As a trained and registered psychotherapist. I can help you with a wide range of challenges that may be causing you emotional concerns and inner turmoil .These are just a few of the problems I have worked with...

Relationship issuesAngerBereavement, AnxietyDepression,  Sexual,  Physical and Emotional abuse,  Identity,  Sexuality,  Addiction, Self-harm,  Personality disorders,  Questions around life direction and meaning.


My name is Luke Reynolds. As a registered and insured psychotherapist and counsellor I  founded Wren psychotherapy to help my clients with the challenges they are facing. I have two practices based in central London, Fitzrovia and Hampstead.  My approach is collaborative, open and non judgemental. I am here to support and work with you, so that you can find the best path forward for a life which creates a more happy and fulfilled existence. You can read more about me here


I understand undertaking therapy can be a difficult step to take. I am always happy to reply to a call, text or email regarding any questions you have.  Or simply book a free session with me below.