My Approach

I have a collaborative, intuitive style of working, which is both fluid and creative. I work to create a space where exploration of your experiences and relationships can take place in safety and care. Leading to a place where lasting change be found. 

There are many different approaches to psychotherapy and I have a good understanding of most of these through my wide and deep training. 

Luke Reynolds

Luke Reynolds

The foundation of my practice is existential, which means I take a holistic view of you as a human being, the relationships you have and the world you find yourself in. I come to our sessions with an intent to understand your challenges, issues and difficulties so I can open up with you ways which change may come about.

The existential approach is open, non-judgemental and about dialogue between you and I, to bring awareness an understanding of what’s happening for you. 

I treat everyone I meet as an individual who has their own understanding of the situations they are in or have experienced in the past and the challenges that has left them with. Rather than seeing you as broken or in some way needing to be fixed. I see the challenges and issues you are facing as directly relating to the life and existence you find yourself in. It is these challenges and issues that we will look at so you can find a perspective to move away from them in a way which works for you.

I see my approach as empathic, creative, open, sensitive and without judgement. I will also give my perspective and ask questions to clarify understanding. Working at a pace which you set,  I will hold an environment in which it is safe to open up difficult topics for you.

Whilst I am an experienced psychotherapist who will use my training and experience to signpost possible things which may be worth exploring I have found work together in a collaborate effort brings about a useful and helpful process. In which you can explore your challenges and find a way forward which is right for you.

From this standpoint I will work with you to find resolutions for the problems you face. Resolutions, which give authentic, long lasting change to how you view you life and the challenges you face.

I have worked with a wide variety of clients and experiences, such as, Trauma,  sexual, physical and mental abuse, transgender, identity and sexuality confusion, anxiety, depression, stress, addiction, self-harm, loss and bereavement, anger personality disorders, meaninglessness and existential crisis