Therapy in London

Wren Psychotherapy in Central London. 

What is counselling or therapy? 

Well it is a way to help with problems that arise in your life.  It’s a dialogue, which is there to help you understand and deal with challenges in the past and present, in a non judgemental caring and confidential space. A palace to talk to an impartial person about your worries. A place to work with a trained professional to find a path through difficult times in your life. 

Luke Reynolds Central London based counsellor. Come and see me in Harley Street or Fitzrovia, Soho

Luke Reynolds Central London based counsellor. Come and see me in Harley Street or Fitzrovia, Soho

My name is Luke Reynolds and I am a London based psychotherapist and counsellor at Wren psychotherapy. I can work with you to help you find a way through whatever issues you are facing.  Psychotherapy and counselling gives you a space to explore where you are in your life, how your got there and how you can move forward. 

Many people seek help for a wide range of problems. So don't feel like you are alone. These are some of the challenges and issues I have helped others with.

Relationship issues,  Anger,  Bereavement,  Loss, Anxiety,  Depression,  Sexual,  Physical and Emotional abuse,  Identity,  Sexuality,  Addiction, Self-harm,  Personality disorders,  Questions around life direction and meaning.

You can book a free initial meeting with me to get an idea of what therapy would be like with me and learn more about how I work and how I can help. We can discuss what it is your dealing with and you can ask me any questions you have about therapy.

You can book a meeting by clicking on the button below or calling or texting me on

07415 794 511

I founded Wren psychotherapy to help my people with the challenges they are facing. I have two practices based in London, Fitzrovia and Hampstead.  My approach is collaborative, open and non judgemental. I am here to support and work with you, so that you can find the best path forward for a life which creates a more happy and fulfilled existence. You can read more about me here


Sessions and Fees

I offer a few different structures of sessions to meet the needs of the clients I have. 

We can work on a 50 or 90 Minute basis. Once or twice a week.  The first available appointment is 8am and the last appointment is 9pm, Wednesday - Saturday. 

I work on a sliding scale of fees depending on your financial situation. I do this to offer as many people therapy as possible.

This scale starts £70