Stress Counselling

Stress is a part of everyday modern life but often it becomes to much. Especially when we are going through big life changes of difficult events. Feeling like you aren't in control of events in your life – for example, if you're diagnosed with a serious illness or you get made redundant – can also cause stress.


Having a place to voice what is troubling with a trained professional can help to create a space for you to breathe and get some distance from the issues which are causing you stress. 

Whatever you are going through however stressful there is help available for you. 

symptoms of stress

  • Loss of appetite

  • Exhaustion

  • confusion and feeling loss

  • Tension in the body

  • Anxiety

  • Not being able to rest of sleep

  • Muscle tension and pain


My name is Luke Reynolds and I work from my practice, Wren Psychotherapy in Fitzrovia and Harley Street. I have worked with many clients suffering from  stress and stress related issues. I will work with you to explore what is causing you stress and look at ways to help you deal with it, what it's like for you, how it causes you difficult in your life, its possible source and avenues open to you in how you can deal with stress and move away from it. You can read more about me and how I approach therapy here.


Sessions and Fees

I offer a few different structures of sessions to meet the needs of the clients I have. 

We can work on a 50 or 90 Minute basis. Once or twice a week.  Sessions are always on the same day at the same time.  The first available appointment is 8am and the last appointment is 9pm, Tuesday- Friday. 

A fifty minute appointment cost £85 and a ninety minute appointment is £150