Personal Therapy

What is counselling or psychotherapy? Well it is a way to help with problems that arise in your life.  It is often described as the talking therapy. A place where a dialogue can take place with a trained professional using their experience to help you find a way through the challenges you are facing. 


As a trained psychotherapist I have studied for over 7 years to be able to give a supportive, non judgement and caring relationship in which I help my clients with problem and issues they have in their life. 

Personal Therapy and counselling is one to one and usually on a weekly basis.  No topics are off limits and you can bring whatever issues you are struggling with. Personal therapy is a space for you to explore what it is that is troubling you and how it affects your life.

Picking the right counsellor or psychotherapist is really important, they should be registered with a body like the BACP. You should feel comfortable with who you decide to work with, don't be afraid to see a few people before you commit to working with someone. 

Many people seek help for a wide range of problems. So don't feel like you are alone. Personal therapy is there to help. 


My name is Luke Reynolds and I work from my practice, Wren Psychotherapy, in Harley Street and Fitzrovia. I have worked with many clients in personal therapy to address just about all the issues you can imagine. I work with you to explore whatever challenges you are facing, what it's like for you, how it causes you difficult in your life, its possible source and avenues open to you in how you can deal with your issues and move away from them. You can read more about me here


Sessions and Fees

I offer a few different structures of sessions to meet the needs of the clients I have. 

We can work on a 50 or 90 Minute basis. Once or twice a week.  Sessions are always on the same day at the same time.  The first available appointment is 8am and the last appointment is 9pm, Tuesday- Friday. 

I work on a sliding scale of fees depending on your financial situation. I do this to offer as many people therapy as possible.

This scale starts £70 and goes to £100