We all have times we feel lost, lonely and not able to cope with life.

My aim is to help you find a way through these difficult times to a place in life you feel comfortable with. I can help you with a wide range of challenges that may be causing you emotional concerns and inner turmoil and help you find a way of being which creates a more happy and fulfilled existence for you.

I work with you, to help you gain a deeper understand of the challenges and issues you are facing. Through this we will look at how you can move forward with your life, moving away from a past the things that are troubling you

As a psychotherapist I take an existential approach, working with clients to learn more about how they experience their world, and how they live with issues that they find hard to be with or wish to move away from.

I have a collaborative, intuitive style of working, which is both fluid and creative. I work to create a space where exploration of your experience, history and relationships can take place in safety and care.

Throughout this exploration of existence, relationship, connections, worries, issues and fears, I work with my clients to reach a place where life is more comfortable and understandable.


I have worked with a wide variety of clients and experiences, such as sexual, physical and mental abuse, transgender, identity and sexuality confusion, anxiety, addiction, self-harm, loss and bereavement, personality disorders, meaninglessness and existential crisis