Depression Therapy

Depression is such a big word and covers a huge spectrum of feelings from sadness, pointlessness emptiness and anxiety.


Symptoms can range from and are not limited to

  • Having no energy and feeling unable to do anything

  • Feeling upset and tearful

  • Feeling anxious and unable to be with people

  • A feeling of meaninglessness and pointlessness

  • Unable to find joy and relaxations in things you usually do

  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope with feelings

  • Not being able to cope with life

The are many reason you may feel depressed. It could be a recent loss, break down of a relationship or you may feel life is to much to cope with. Often the issue is not apparent and you will feel lost as to why you feel this way. I would like to help you find a new way to live life which is happier for you


My name is Luke Reynolds and I founded Wren psychotherapy to help my clients with the challenges they are facing. I have two practices based in central London, Fitzrovia and Harley Street.  My approach is collaborative, open and non judgemental. I am here to support and work with you, so that you can find the best path forward for a life which creates a more happy and fulfilled existence. You can read more about me here


Sessions and Fees

I offer a few different structures of sessions to meet the needs of the clients I have. 

We can work on a 50 or 90 Minute basis. Once or twice a week.  Sessions are always on the same day at the same time.  The first available appointment is 8am and the last appointment is 9pm, Tuesday- Friday. 

A fifty minute appointment cost £85 and a ninety minute appointment is £150