Anger Management Therapy

Anger is a natural emotion and is often a response to feeling attacked, deceived or treated unfairly. Anger affects everyone and is part of being Human. It is not necessarily a bad emotion and can point to issues that are causing us emotional turmoil.


But it can become a problem when it hurts you or others around you.

There can be many reasons for anger to boil up and overflow. Sometimes you can have an idea of what is causing you to feel angry while other times its seems to come from nowhere.

You might feel like you are overreacting in circumstances that on reflection don’t elicit the level of anger you are feeling.  Maybe you just have a general feeling of anger that you find hard to live with.

Anger can be expressed in may forms either outwardly or inwardly or in a passive way. Each of these can be extremely hard to manage. But I would like to help you discover a way that works for you. 


My name is Luke Reynolds and I founded Wren psychotherapy to help my clients with the challenges they are facing. I have two practices based in central London, Fitzrovia and Harley Street.  My approach is collaborative, open and non judgemental. I am here to support and work with you, so that you can find the best path forward for a life which creates a more happy and fulfilled existence. You can read more about me here


Sessions and Fees

I offer a few different structures of sessions to meet the needs of the clients I have. 

We can work on a 50 or 90 Minute basis. Once or twice a week.  Sessions are always on the same day at the same time.  The first available appointment is 8am and the last appointment is 9pm, Tuesday- Friday. 

A fifty minute appointment cost £85 and a ninety minute appointment is £150